p1harmony lightstick
p1harmony lightstick

P1Harmony Official Lightstick

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    P1Harmony Official Lightstick

    The official name of the P1Harmony lightstick is P1ece Siren. It is a combination of the group's fandom P1ece with the word "peace", and the title of their first ever released track Siren.

    The P1Harmony lightstick has a translucent globe with a silver ring around it, and the logo of the group inside. The logo spins around with the movement. At the top of the globe you can find several stars. On the handle you'll see the name of the group and a button to turn on.

    The P1Harmony lightstick can produce the light in various different colors including white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. The RGBW LED allows it to light up in the whole spectrum of light. The light stick is powered with three AAA batteries hidden in a special battery pack placed in the lower part of the handle.

    The P1Harmony lightstick can be connected to their official app using Bluetooth. The app is currently available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app will allow you to pair your P1Harmony lightstick with your seat ahead of the concert, so that it can be controlled by a central control to create a sophisticated light effects, often during the performances of the group's songs.  The default mode cannot be used when using this mode. 

    Each Package Includes 

    • 1 Light Stick  
    • 1 Strap
    • 1 Package
    • Fast shipping!


    Please take out the battery when not using!

    Worried about the authenticity?

    We guarantee this is P1Harmony Lightstick is 100% official merchandise and counts towards the HANTEO Charts!


    *Order preparing and processing takes 5-10 business days.
    *Every order comes with a tracking number
    * Shipped from Denver, Colorado, USA 

     p1harmony lightstick