We're constantly looking for new promoters who believe in our brand and want to help promote us across social media. 

You can promote through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Tiktok, Reddit, Quora  or whatever else you can think of. 



1. If you're accepted, you'll be given a special 10% Discount code. You can share with your friends, audience and followers.

You're allowed to promote in pretty much any way you'd like. You can share your code with your followers, friends, family members, etc. You may also post them on websites throughout the internet too.

2. You will get 10% commission from every sale you made from people clicking your affiliate link or using your coupon code. Sign up for our AFFILIATE program by clicking here <<

Kpop Exchange Affiliate


Your Benefits Of Our Affiliate Program

  • 10% commission of every purchase (Nice side note: Our average order value is around $60, means 6$ dollar commission for you per order on average)
  • Website Visits Trackable – You always know how much visitors are coming from your links on a daily basis
  • Easy conversion tracking – Always know when someone who came from your link purchased
  • Cookie stays 30 days – Even when the visitor doesn’t buy immediately, as long as the visitor places an order within this 30 days, it will count as your referral
  • Monthly payment – You receive your payment within the last 3 days of every month (minimum payment is USD 100).

How it works

  • Sign Up by clicking here. Our team will review your application and you will get either way become approved or not. You need to have an existing and active social media presence or website/blog. 
  • Copy the affiliate link with your unique referral id behind it – In the picture below the id is aff=1. In your case it will be a different one. 

Kpop Exchange Affiliate

  • Insert the link in your Instagram or website and keep easily track of the visitors and purchases that are coming through your link.  

  • Provide us your PayPal Email by going in your Profile Page so we can pay your earnings to you at the end of every month.



1. Sign up to register with our Affiliate program by clicking here


**2. Fill in your email and social media links by clicking here (after registering with the Affiliate Program link in Step #1)

*Both forms must be filled out to be considered






Sign Up & Validation

Once you sign up our staff will review your application and shortly after you will receive a note that you got approved or not. Afterwards you’re able to create affiliate links and to use them on your distribution channel.

  • To improve the chance of getting accepted it is recommended to have an active social media account or website.
  • Coupon or referral website are not allowed to participate in our affiliate program. We’re not working with coupons at this time, so there is no value for the customer when visiting coupon or referral websites.

Unique Referral ID

Each affiliate receives an individual referral id which looks for example like this “aff=1“. These referral id is needed for tracking purposes. This means if you use a link from our website without your unique referral id, the clicks and orders which are coming from your link will not be counted. This referral id makes it possible that you can randomly take a product/product-category/outfit link from our site and by adding your referral id to the link it will create your own unique affiliate link.

Example of the homepage of an affiliate with the referral id “aff=1” : 

Example of a product page:

Track Visitor & Orders

You are able to monitor the clicks and orders who were generated through your link on a daily basis. 

Payment Trough PayPal

PayPal is used for making your payouts. You will receive your payout within the last 3 days of every month. The minimum for a payout is 100 USD. As long as it is below 100 USD it will remain in your account and will add up every month until you hit 100 USD.

At the moment, PayPal is the only solution we can offer, therefore it is mandatory for you to have a PayPal account.



    • You need to have 20,000 followers/subscribers in your social media account
    • You will have your own affiliate dashboard to track orders by link or coupon codes once you are accepted to our affiliate program
    • We pay you every Friday once you reach $100 for your commission through Paypal - (Please make Paypal account too!)
    • After applying for Affiliate program, please fill out the form HERE - MUST



    This is non-exclusive and you are welcome to promote other stores

    10% discount is the biggest we offer, it's exclusive to affiliates only and people will be sure to use it as it's the only way to get it.

    Affiliatly is a partner from us who provides the interface and makes it possible that we can track the visitor and orders which are from your referral-links.



    Just get in touch with us via email at


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