Stray Kids [2nd #LoveSTAY 'SKZ’S Chocolate Factory]

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  • Stray Kids SKZOO "STAY THE VICTORY" Plush Dolls Stray Kids SKZOO "STAY THE VICTORY" Plush Dolls

    Stray Kids SKZOO "STAY THE VICTORY" Plush Dolls

    The Stray Kids SKZOO "STAY THE VICTORY" Plush Dolls are the perfect combination of cuteness and fandom devotion for STAYs (Stray Kids fans). These plush dolls bring to life the beloved SKZOO characters in a special "STAY THE VICTORY" theme, celebrating the group's music and the unwavering support of their fans. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these plush dolls are not just adorable but also high-quality and huggable. Each doll embodies the essence of a Stray Kids member, making them a unique and heartwarming collectible for fans. Display them proudly and let them remind you to "STAY THE VICTORY" in your love and support for Stray Kids. Unofficial/Fanmade About This Product: 100% brand new and high quality Color: picture 10CM Plush classification: short plush Filling material: PP cotton  Quantity: 1PC Options: 8 characters to choose from!  Fast Shipping Worldwide. Shop high-quality Stray Kids  and Kpop merch at Kpop Exchange store.

Stray Kids 2nd LoveSTAY "SKZ's Chocolate Factory" is an online event and the 2nd fanmeeting held by Stray Kids. They released a collection of Merch to accompany this event. This merch collection includes their Light Stick Mini Key Ring, LoveSTAY Ring, Photo Book Set, ID Photo Set, Special Photo Ticket Set and more! A special Pre-Order gift is included if you Pre-Order with Kpop Exchange. This gift is a fandom Polaroid and more information can be found on the product pages below!


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