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    BTS Mic Drop Mini Poster

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    TinyTAN MINI MIC Drop POSTERS are the perfect addition to spruce up your home or office. This isn't just a poster, it's a special poster that cleans and purifies the air in your room, removing 99% of common odors and 99.9% of dangerous bacteria with certified medical testing and verification. Use this Airwall Poster to eliminate various odors and hazardous toxins in the air, engaging with toxic gas, breaking them down. It is an eco-friendly and harmless product composed of pure mineral substances. Each mini poster displays your favorite BTS TinyTAN member and their own lyric in the song MIC Drop. Overall Dimensions (approx): 6" x 8.5" Package Includes: 1* MIC Drop Mini Poster Recommended Use: 6 months - 1 year depending on air quality 100% Officially Licensed from © Big Hit Entertainment Manufactured in South Korea



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