Get The New META PLATFORM Versions of ATEEZ Treasure Albums!

If you're loving digital albums and ATEEZ, we have some amazing news for you: The brilliant 8-member boy group from South Korea has released new meta platform versions of several classic albums! The official release date is November 21, so you won't have to wait long to add them to your collection!

Their Treasure series consist of a series of 5 albums released from 2018 to 2020.

Tell me about Platform albums

Platform versions of albums contain just a card holder, meaning the box, generally just large enough to hold several postcards, photo cards, or stickers. 

As there is no photo book, Platform albums contain more photo cards compared to a standard album. If you like to collect these, this is the best place for you!

Don't miss the QR card, which may be called QR Photo Card Album. This is a photo card with a QR code and serial number printed on the back of the album.

Buyers can download an app to access to digital content with the code or serial number: Full album info, all the tracks from the album, the album music video and often exclusive photos and videos

To access the new ATEEZ Platform versions you will need the "MINI RECORD" app which can be found in the App Store.


ATEEZ Platform version contents:

This is a brief summary of what exactly awaits you in the five new Platform versions!

Treasure EP.1 : All To Zero

Card Holder, QR Photocard Album (1 out of 2), Photocard (3 out of 10), Postcard (8pcs/set)


Treasure EP.2 : Zero To One
Card Holder, QR 
Photocard Album (1 out of 2), Photocard (3 out of 10), Postcard (8pcs/set)


Treasure EP.3 : One To All
Card Holder, QR Photocard album (1 out of 2), Photocard (3 out of 10), Postcard (8pcs/set)


Treasure EP.FIN : All To Action
Card Holder, QR Photocard album 
(1 out of 2), Photocard (2 out of 9), Postcard (12pcs/set)


Treasure Epilogue : Action To Answer
Card holder, QR photocard album 
(1 out of 2), Photocard (1 out of 8) & Postcard (8pcs/set)



The contents are very similar, although not identical either. Are you going to get the Platform versions for yourself or a good ATINY friend?