If you're like me, you love shopping for Kpop merch but one thing that holds you back is finding affordable and quality goods. Maybe you feel overwhelmed because you're not sure if the store is reliable or if there will be any hidden costs such as shipping. Just the mere thought of it gives you anxiety and makes you either make an impulse purchase which you regret later or not buy anything because you can't decide.

I totally get it!

Well there's no need to worry because I've got your back. I made this Best Kpop Merch Finds Under $15 that you'll want to check out. Whether you're shopping for yourself, a friend, your girlfriends, your daughter, sister, cousin or grandaughter, theres something just right for them!


bts merch ring

1). BTS Bias Ring 

Show off who your BTS bias is with the BTS Bias Ring and it's a great addition to any ring collection.


bts necklace

2). BTS Crescent Moon Bias Necklace

Wear your bias close to your heart with the BTS Crescent Moon Necklace!


Stray Kids Go Live

3). Stray Kids Go Live Photo Cards

These Stray Kids Photocards are a great value and come with 54 cards in the set. It's like 5 photo card sets in one!


Ateez Merch

4). Ateez Phone Case for iPhone

This Kpop phone case is by far our best seller and most popular item so if you're looking for a phone case or Ateez merch, definitely take a look at the Ateez Phone Case for iPhone.


BTS Merch

5). BTS Love Yourself Pink Keychain

There's no such thing as having too many keychains, especially if they are pink and say Love Yourself and good thing this BTS Pink Keychain is super affordable.


no longer available

6). BTS Map of the Soul: 7 Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets anyone? Sign me up! Who wouldn't want a BTS Map of the Soul: 7 Friendship Bracelet that comes in 3 colors and is less that $10.


blackpink merch

7). Blackpink Transparent Photo Card Collection (8 Cards)

These Blackpink Transparent Photo Cards are shiny and made of holographic materials and are a nice addition to your Blackpink merch collection.


BTS Merch

8). BTS Member Lanyard Keychain

If you're in the need for something to keep your keys all in one place then the BTS Member Lanyard Keychain is for you.

BTS Photocards Map of the Soul: Persona - Kpop Exchange

9). BTS Photo Cards Map of the Soul: Persona (30 Cards)

 Your collection isn't complete without a set of BTS Map of the Soul: Persona Photo Cards - and hurry because these are almost sold out!

bts bracelets

10). BTS Bias Bracelets

This charming BTS Bias Bracelet is perfect for those who love wearing dainty and delicate jewelry.

tata merch

11). BTS BT21 Headband (7 Types)

The most adorable headband that will be sure to get everyone's attention. The BTS BT21 Headband comes in 7 types each representing the Line Friends characters.

bts merch

12). BTS Love Yourself Heart Enamel Pin

Show off your BTS pride with a Love Yourself Heart Enamel Pin that can be worn on a denim jacket or a backpack. It's also the cheapest product for sale.

bts phone case

13). BTS BT21 x Line Friends iPhone Case

 You can never have enough cell phone cases, especially if it's a BT21 X Line Friends iPhone Case that fits the 6S to the 11 Pro MAX.

twice merch

14). Twice Lomo Photo Card Collection (30 Cards)

Do you love to collect photo cards? The Twice Photo Cards will be sure to put a smile on your face every time you look through them.



15). Baekhyun City Lights Album Photo Cards

Superstar Baekhyun is someone you want to hold close and have a photocard in your phone case, wallet, merch shelf and more. The Baekhyun City Lights Album Photo Cards come with 6 cards and you're going to love each one.


Kpop Exchange was founded to make shopping online for the hottest Kpop merchandise a fun experience and affordable. We strive to provide more education and service to our customers than anyone else in the industry.

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