Best Kpop Light Sticks | The Ultimate Buying Guide

This guide will teach you everything you've been wondering about Kpop lightsticks.

What are Kpop Light Sticks?

Kpop light sticks are something that distinguishes Kpop from any other music genre. They are comparable to holding up a lighter or your cell phone light, like a small torch. Light Sticks are a major part of Kpop fan culture and each Kpop group has their own uniquely designed light stick to compliment the group's official colors and logo.

Additionally kpop light sticks each have their own name reflecting the group. For example, BTS's lightstick is called Army Bomb. Many kpop groups will release their lightsticks in versions similar to how Apple has their iPhones. BTS is up to Version 4 and each version has been redesigned with better functions and features. 

They were originally created for fun then became much more than that - they became a way to effectively demonstrate themselves as their own group and from other fandoms.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the prettiest lightstick of them all?


How kpop light sticks are supposed to work

Waving around a stick of colored light with reckless abandon is fun. But you know what's even more fun? Color coordination that's synched to the music via Bluetooth! 

The cost of lightsticks directly corresponds to how many advanced features are included. While older versions lightsticks mostly had one color and one light function, now the possibilities are countless.

Many lightsticks have an official app that will connect through bluetooth that will let it change to any color.

Light sticks require lithium batteries but many companies will not ship your lightstick with batteries since devices containing batteries are classified as dangerous goods. According to Easyship, shipments must comply with lithium battery shipping regulations:

  • They’re highly flammable and can cause fires if wrongly packaged
  • They react sensitively to environmental factors
  • There’s a higher chance of their short-circuiting


Lightstick Overview:

BTS Army Bomb Light Stick Ver. 3

The BTS Army Bomb Ver. 3 was first introduced in 2018 and is one of the most popular lightsticks of all time. This light stick can be controlled at home via an iPhone app which enables it to change any color through a color wheel. The app is called "BTS Official Light Stick" in the Apple App store. It can also work in a concert mode while attending a BTS concert. For this to work, simply connect to Bluetooth mode with the power on while at the concert and enter your seat number through the app.

The Army Bomb requires 3 AAA lithium batteries which are not included. Included with the light stick in the box is a black storage bag, a strap, user manual, a quality guarantee card and 7 photo cards!

Blackpink Blink Light Stick

blackpink lightstick

The Blackpink lightstick official name is Bl-ping-bong and was first introduced in 2018. It looks like a hammer and has a pink heart made of silicon on both sides. It can be bonked like a hammer and makes a squeaky sound which makes it quite unique and like a cute little toy. 

The lightstick originally came with a photocard set while the supply lasted. If you purchase the lightstick now, it won't come with the photo cards.

GFRIEND Lightstick Ver. 2

Gfriend Merch

The GFRIEND lightstick official name is the Glass Marble Stick and it was first introduced in 2019. It's the second version which looks very different and has been upgraded a lot from the first version which was released back in 2017. This light stick features a unique design with the letter "G" distinctly visible inside the clear light bulb. The letter "G" has the ability to move and spin around inside the clear bulb.

This light stick can be connected to a central control at GFRIEND concerts in a fanlight mode. It works in 2 standard modes: on and flashing and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate (not included). The batteries are hidden in a special compartment in the bottom of the handle. Additionally, it produces the light in three official GFRIEND colors including Cloud Dancer, Scuba Blue and Ultra Violet.  It comes in a black box with the names of all members listed on front. In the package you will also find a black strap and a user manual.

Twice Candy Bong Z Lightstick

Twice Merch

The Twice light stick official name is the Candy Bong this second version was first introduced in 2019. It looks different than the first version, incorporating a black center with a glowing ring around it with a silver handle. It looks like a lollipop! This version is called Candy Bong Z or the Z Version.

The Candy Bong Z can be connected via Bluetooth to the Twice Light Stick App which can be found in the Apple App Store. It can be connected to a central control at Twice concerts. The Z version requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included and works in 3 modes: on, flickering and dimming. In the package, besides the box, you will find a strap, a user manual and the warranty information.

Red Velvet Lightstick

Red Velvet Merch

The Red Velvet lightstick features a white handle with a transparent head in the shape of a cupcake with the signature "RV" logo inside the head.

Fun Fact: Red Velvet is the first girl group from SM to get an official light stick! 

Seventeen Carat Bong Lightstick

Seventeen Merch

The Seventeen light stick is called Carat Bong and features a diamond to represent  Seventeen's Fandom called Carats. The handle and dome are sparkly and designed to reflect Seventeen's official colors which are Rose Quarts and Serenity).

Stray Kids Light Stick Nachimbong

Stray Kids Merch

The Stray Kids lightstick is called Nachimbong and features a “compass without direction” and the words “You make Stray Kids stay” as a sweet message to Stray Kids’s fans Stays.

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