Before dispatching each item, KPOP EXCHANGE thoroughly examines it to ensure there are no external damages. We implement various protective measures to minimize the risk of damage during transit, but unforeseeable incidents may still occur. KPOP EXCHANGE cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred during delivery or after the package has been delivered and scanned.

Certain K-pop products are more vulnerable to minor damages during delivery due to their delicate nature. The outer box, case, sleeve, or cover is designed to safeguard the product and its contents. Small imperfections such as scratches, flaws, cracks, or discoloration on the outer packaging may occur during manufacturing, packaging, or delivery and are not grounds for return or exchange. Any imperfections that are not noticeable from a one-foot distance cannot be considered for exchange or return.

In the event of major external damages occurring during transit, the product must be unopened and sealed in its original packaging for further investigation. If the product has been opened, it becomes challenging for us to assist with the issue.

KPOP EXCHANGE is not liable for minor scratches, bends, damages, or discoloration that may occur during transit on any products, including outbox, case, cover, or exclusive/pre-order photocards.

If you encounter an issue with your order, contact us at within 7 business days of delivery to file a claim.


Before sending out each package, all items are inspected for external damages. However, as products are pre-sealed, internal damage/defect issues are challenging to identify beforehand. Missing/duplicate CDs, photocards, polaroid pictures, bookmarks, etc., are considered manufacturer's defects as we do not handle the packaging ourselves.

While we are not responsible for defects from the manufacturer, we will file a claim on behalf of the customer for cases involving missing items. Please note that the resolution of such cases may take 4-6 weeks, and filing a claim does not guarantee a replacement although we try out best to get one.

Film an unboxing video, check the product immediately upon receipt, and contact customer service for faulty products, defects, or any other issues within 7 business days of the delivery date.

If you encounter an issue, contact us at within 7 business days of delivery to file a claim.


Older albums that have been restocked or re-released may not include certain items in the contents, as they were only included in first-press release albums or are no longer printed by the manufacturer. We cannot confirm if a particular album is still first-press unless purchased during the pre-order period.


All lightsticks are inspected for good working condition and undamaged boxes before shipment. A note is included in the package to assure customers of the product's quality. If issues arise with the light stick, check the battery positioning using the instruction manual and consult online resources for assistance. KPOP EXCHANGE is not responsible for replacing faulty battery adapter tubes.

If you encounter an issue, contact us at within 7 business days of delivery to file a claim. 


To file a claim, record an unboxing video showing various stages: box sides, tape being cut, KPOP EXCHANGE shipping label, item removal, and thorough inspection. Email the video, along with your order number, to for assistance. Without an unboxing video, it is challenging for us to address the issue.

This entire process must be recorded in a single, unedited take. If the footage is ambiguous (edited, unclear, rushed, etc.), we will not file/accept a claim, and further assistance will not be possible.


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