Best Kpop Merch Finds Under $30


SuperM Merch

1). SuperM Member Black T-Shirt

    We can’t go to any concerts for the foreseeable future, so why not show your love for SuperM with a band tee instead? This SuperM Member T-Shirt one is really fitted so you might want to size up and it comes only in black. 

    bts shirt

    2). BTS Boy With Luv White T-Shirt

    Boy With Luv has to be one of the catchiest songs that's always stuck in my head. Now with the BTS Boy With Luv T-Shirt, I can show off my love for the song.

    monsta x kpop merch

    3). Monsta X Gradient Frosted Water Bottle

    There's no better way to stay hydrated than drinking out of a big and beautiful water bottle. The Monsta X frosted water bottles have nicely designed straps to make them easy to carry. But more importantly, they come in a two of pleasing colors. 

     bts uno cards

    4). BTS UNO Card Game

    The BTS UNO Card Game has to be the most fun version to exist! This colorful deck is like a full pack of photo cards featuring individual photos of BTS members on each card and a special "Dancing Wild" rule.

    bts merch rings

    5). BTS Final Ring Set

    This BTS Final Ring Set is not your average ring set. Yes, it comes with 2 rings, but it also includes a surprise gift which make it totally worth getting.

     bts plushies

    6). BTS Plush Embroidered Head Band

    Why can't everyday be like spending a day at the spa? Well now it can feel slightly closer to that while you're stuck at home when you have the BTS Plush Embroidered Head Band.

    agust d shirt

    7). Agust D Album Cover Black T-Shirt

    Wear this vintage inspired Agust D Album Cover T-Shirt as a badge of honor. True Army's know Agust D and you'll want to proudly display your loyalty and what awesome taste in music you have. 

     bt21 merch

    8). BT21 Silicone Airpod Case

    Stop loosing your airpods with a stylish BT21 Silicone Airpod Case that comes in 7 different styles to represent the Line Friends collaboration.

    Blackpink Rubik's Cube

    9). Blackpink Rubik's Cube

     What's more adorable than this Blackpink Rubik's Cube?

    bt21 merch

    10). BT21 Airpod Case with Keyring

    Do you know someone who is always loosing their airpods or they forget where they left them? Or maybe that's you? Well now you can forget loosing those airpods with this handy BT21 Airpod Case with an attached keyring. It will make them stand out with bright colors and hard to loose, if you attach them to your keys or bag.

    bts gifts

    11). BTS Map of the Soul: 7 Mini Photo Book

    It's like a mini magazine, the BTS Map of the Soul: 7 Mini Photo Book is 23 glossy pages with the album's concept photos.

    bts shirt

    12). BTS Suga T-Shirt

    For a tee with a camo tropical vibe, this BTS Suga T-Shirt pairs effortlessly with your favorite leggings, jeans, shorts, skirts and more. There are two options to choose from and they are black or white.

    kpop picket

    13). BTS Official Map of the Soul Tour Image Picket

    This BTS Official Map of the Soul Tour Image Picket is super popular and doubles as a fan. They come in 7 types to represent each BTS member.

    14). Blackpink Make Em Whistle Like A Missile T-Shirt

    If you are looking to show your love for Blackpink then look no further that this Blackpink Make Em Whistle Like A Missile T-Shirt

    Avid shoppers know that shopping online for t-shirts can be difficult, mainly because you're buying them by assuming your size.

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