BTS J-Hope Haegeum Stickers Bumper Decor

BTS J-Hope Haegeum Stickers Bumper Decor (15pcs)

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    Introducing the captivating and vibrant BTS J-Hope Haegeum Stickers Bumper Decor (15pcs) – a mesmerizing fusion of contemporary design and traditional artistry.

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each sticker is thoughtfully designed to encapsulate the essence of J-Hope's dynamic personality and the intricate charm of the haegeum, a traditional Korean string instrument.

    About this Item:

    • High quality film stickers with sun and water protection. 
    • Perfect to personalize Laptops, Macbook, Skateboards, Luggage, Cars, Bumpers, Bikes, Bicycles, Bedroom, Travel Case, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Snowboard, PS4, XBOX ONE and more!
    • This decal packs is also a great gift idea for kids or your friends, they'll love it
    • Totally worth every penny you pay! 
    • 15 pcs Haegeum sticker pack.